If you have cars,

cost such as vehicle inspection ,

tax and gasoline are required.



I introduce saving

car cost method .

Those are very easy.

So you can start those

from today.


Even if you are planning to save money

on a regular basis,

 you may be doing wasteful things without noticing!


>>Japanese version is here

Save gasoline cost method

Frequently check
and adding tire air


Check the  air pressure

of the tire once at 2 or 3 month.

If it is insufficient,

supply air.

This prevent punk,

and improve fuel efficiency

As a result,

You can make cheaper the gasoline fee .



It is “Kill two birds with one stone.”


You can confrim

the tire air pressure

at gasoline stand.


If you have a air check gun,

you can perform it anywhere.

Price is about 2000 yen .



Avoid sudden acceleration
and sudden braking


Sudden acceleration and sudden braking

are not only very dangerous but also

have bad influence on

the fuel efficiency.




Do not use sudden acceleration

and sudden braking

as much as possible.



Sudden acceleration and sudden braking is uncomfortable

for other passengers!


Not to make gasoline to fill up

Don’t completely fill the tank with gasoline.

Just refill when it falls below half.

More gasoline means more weight

and lower fuel efficiency.



Gasoline fee in highway is expensive!



Do not refuel in highway.


When  you drive over long

distances using the highway,

pay attention not to rufuel

in highway.


Not keep heavy baggage on the car

Except gasoline

heavy baggage in the car has

bad influence on the fuel efficiency.


For example,

Is a  golf baggage in your car

throughout the year?



It is a waste!


No idoling

To call a phone, you stop the car.


If you stop the car 5 minutes or more,

you should stop the engine.



Do not continue to use
studless tire


If you live in  snowing area,

Studless tire is necessities in winter.




Fuel efficiency of the studless

tire is very bad compared with

normal tire.




if snow season finished,

change those to normal tire 

as soon as possible.



You can buy cheap studless tire in Internet.



Avoid using air conditions

Use air conditions in the car has

bad influence on the fuel efficiency.


If you feel  hot,  first of all open the window.

If you can bear the temperature,

you should not use the air conditions.



If you use it, use the minimum required

temperature setting.


Lower temperature in a car

A car that was parked outside

under the scorching sun.

When trying to ride the interior of the car

It is such as  a steam bath condition.


 It is such burning hell!


In that time,

you can  lower temperature

in the car easily.


Open the door or

window of the passenger side.

Then open and close

drives side door several times.


By this procedure

Since the heat inside the car escapes to the outside,

The temperature in the car lowers several degrees.



You can reduce the amount to use of air conditions by this method.


Collective estimate for car insurance

Car insurance renewal time

comes once in 1 year.


There is likely to be cheaper

by  collective estimate.


If you perform collective estimate

in Rakuten, you can compare  prices

of each company in same condition.


In addition,
you can get Rakuten point etc.

regardless of

changing insurance company,

So it is profitable for you.



You can get rice  if you perform collective estimate and answer a questionnaire!



collective estimate of car in Rakuten


If you perform collective estimate,

postcard and e-mail will come for guidance.


Insurance company does not call you.


Advantageously pay method of car tax

You can save money

when paying tax of cars

by  a method.


There is a way that credit charge to nanao (Nanaco).


If you  have credit cards,

I recommend you see the following content.


>>Which is the best card from the viewpoint of reduction rate