You can use Rakuten super point

in shopping except Rakuten ichiba,

such as McDonald’s.


We want to do shopping

economically .



We want to accumulate

points efficiently.


>>Japanese version is here.



I introduce

methods of accumulating

Rakuten super point.



There are many methods except shopping!


At 5 times days shopping
at Rakuten ichiba
using Rakuten card


This is basic accumulating method.


You can get 3% points

by shopping in Rakuten ichiba

using Rakuten card.


There are many high reduction rate

credit cards.


this reduction rate is 

much better than other cards.



For other recommended credit cards, refer to the following blog.

>>Which is the best card from the viewpoint of reduction rate


Annual fee of the Rakuten card is free.

In addition,

The examination of this credit card

(issue) is not so strict compared to



You may be able to get

Rakuten card

even if you cannot

pass other credit cards.




3% is very high.


there is a method rising

this reduction rate.


Rakuten has  5 times days campaign

only  5 times days,

2% is added to this 3%,

so reduction rate is 5%.


There are only two conditions.



On only 5 times days

I do shopping in Rakuten ichiba


It is not one day in one month.



There are may 5 times days in one month.  No problem.


Accumulating points by shopping

is nothing special.




you can accumulate 

Rakuten super point

by methods except shopping.




Accumulate points
by Rakuten super
point screen


If you use Rakuten super point

screen, you can accumulate 

points easily.  

You can download it

for free in  smart phones

or the tablets.


Click the “1”  on the screen as the following.



Then  “1”  on the screen  will change to  “済”.


You can get 1  point

by only this procedure.



this point was tie limited points,


This points changed to 

normal points by July, 2018.


Accumulate points
by Rakuten web search


You can download Rakuten web search

for free, too.


You can get points

by very simple work

every day.



Only pushing the following




In adittion,

points will  be shared

to you depending on

the number of times

of searching.


Shared points are not clear.


If you do searching 30 times,

shared points will be maximum.


Accumulating points
by Rakuten e-Navi


If you get the Rakuten card,

you will be a member of the

Rakuten e-Navi .


You can check

the payments and the

amount payable

in this site.

This is same to

other credit cards.



In case of Rakuten e-Navi,

you can accumulate

Rakuten super point

by log in in this site and

simple work.



Accumulating points by click

This is easiest method.

Only by clicking banners

in this menu, you can

accumulate points.




It is very simple.


In the banners,

There are  many “アンケートに答えると


If you  answer the  survey,

you can get more points.




Of course shopping is not necessary even if you answer the survey!


Accumulating points by lucky lottery

Lucky lottery is very simple, too.



Accumulating points by mail magazine

If you are Rakuten member,

you will receive mail magazines

by Rakuten.


Some peoples feel this annoying.



There are many mail magazines

which you can get Rakuten super points.


If you want to accumulate points,

you should check the mail title,

If 【クリックしてポイントGET】 is

written, you should open the

mail and accumulate points.





Accumulating method of

Rakuten super points are

very many except shopping.



Many of those are time limited points.



time limit is  90 days!



You should use up all points

caring time limit.