If you want to save money

in usually  shopping,

you should use credit cards,

because you can accumulate points.


In addition,

you should use

profitable credit cards.


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Which card is best from the
viewpoint of reduction rate?

For use of shopping such as


most recommended credit card

is REX card.




Reason is very simple!

Merit of the REX card
  • Reduction rate is 1.25% in normal shopping.
  • Annual fee is free
  • Points can be used for card payment 



Recruit card is very good, too.

However,  reduction rate is  1.2%,

and change points to money

is difficult.

So I think REX card is better.


What is demerit?

However, there are demerits.

Demerit of the REX card
  •  You cannot get points by credit charge to nanaco.
  • Most high reduction rate in Ecommerce is 2.25%.
    It is  less than Rakuten’s  3%.



“Nanaco” is a point card published by  convenience store Seven-eleven.



Only  by three  credit cards

you can accumulate points

by credit charge to nanaco.


Credit cards which can accumulate points by credit charge


By the way,

If you have to pay much property tax,

recommended card is Recruit card.



I do not think

“I have REX card, 

so other credit card is not necessary.”


Having too many
credit cards is demerit


From viewpoint of  saving money,

you should have some credit cards

depending on the use.



If you have too many cards


Effort to manage card is demerit!


In addition,

if you have many cards,

you cannot accumulate

much points.



having too many card is bad,

10 cards is too many.



I think 5 cards are limit.



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